Seeking help is not always easy. Many people grew up under the assumption that emotions and feelings are not outwardly discussed or displayed; others, have recognized the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. Fear of being labeled as mentally ill may cause a negative impact on personal and professional goals; this a common misconception in modern society. Such unhealthy thought patterns have led to ongoing, systemic problems in today’s general populous. Courage to seek help is the first step to change. Change allows a fresh start and a different perspective on life.

Empowering adults to overcome their personal obstacles, recognize their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to create a balanced life; is my ultimate goal as a counselor. To take on this task, I am equipped with over fifteen years of effective, documented history; successfully working in several vital counseling areas, with positive outcomes.

Behavioral & Substance Abuse Counseling, LLC (BSAC), is an establishment that provides counseling services to help people redefine their life’s path while experiencing traumatic experience or life’s hassles.

Mission Statement:

With the increased focus of this era on better mental healthcare for individuals generally, our brand of counseling is ideal for assisting people of all aspects of life and experiences. We are determined to bring a new message of hope by helping individuals find their way back to the light. We want to help as many people as possible to attain increased productivity in their general lives as well as get them to a place of better self-awareness and ultimate happiness.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to provide a mental health care playbook that produces not only positive results but one that is deeply rooted in the ethics of trust, respect and effective communication. We are highly invested in the progress of our clients. We want them to become well-rounded individuals that attain a level of wholesomeness in all their dealings with life and ultimately meeting every goal they put their minds to. We ensure that the line of communication between the counselor and client isn’t businesslike and rigid, but one that provides a sense of safety and understanding. We want the client to develop coping skills and strategies that will help them permanently recover and increase their confidence level to ensure that they never go back to that place.

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