About Us

” The past few years have seen one of the most difficult and turbulent periods in modern times. We’ve survived a pandemic that wiped out more than a million Americans, exacerbated social stressors, and upended modern conceptions of work, school, and social institutions. All these developments have taken a significant toll on our relationships, family structures, work-life balance, and the mental wellbeing of everyone on this planet. At Behavioral & Substance Abuse Counseling, LLC (BSAC), we are focused on providing counseling services that help people take control of their mental wellness, learn to thrive in adverse circumstances, and reorganize their life goals in the pursuit of happiness.
With more than fifteen years experience as a mental health practitioner, I’ve been able to lead my team to provide consistent positive outcomes in several counseling areas for our numerous clients. We empower our clients by helping them to assess their challenges, recognize their strengths, and utilize them to overcome obstacles in order to create a more fulfilling and balanced life. “

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to provide superior mental healthcare for our clients through the use of the most current, evidence-based treatments and counseling techniques provided by our well-trained team of licensed therapists so that individuals can cope more effectively and thrive in an increasingly challenging world.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to provide a mental health care playbook that produces not only positive results but one that is deeply rooted in the ethics of trust, respect and effective communication. We are highly invested in the progress of our clients. We want them to become well-rounded individuals that attain a level of wholesomeness in all their dealings with life and ultimately meeting every goal they put their minds to. We ensure that the line of communication between the counselor and client isn’t businesslike and rigid, but one that provides a sense of safety and understanding. We want the client to develop coping skills and strategies that will help them permanently recover and increase their confidence level to ensure that they never go back to that place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

Counseling is a professional relationship between a trained therapist and a client, aimed at addressing personal, emotional, psychological, or relational concerns. It involves exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to promote mental health, personal growth, and well-being.

How much does counseling cost?

The cost of counseling varies depending on factors like location, therapist’s credentials, and type of therapy. It can range from around $50 to $250 or more per session. Many therapists offer sliding scale fees or accept insurance, which can help make counseling more affordable.

How often are counseling sessions?

Counseling session frequency depends on individual needs and treatment plans. Initially, sessions may be weekly or biweekly, then taper off as progress is made. However, frequency can vary based on the intensity of issues being addressed and therapist recommendations.

How do I know if counseling is for me?

Consider counseling if you’re experiencing emotional distress, relationship difficulties, stress, or other challenges impacting your daily life. If you’re unsure, reaching out for a consultation with a therapist can help clarify whether counseling is appropriate for your situation.

Is counseling confidential?

Yes, counseling sessions are typically confidential. Therapists are bound by legal and ethical guidelines to maintain client confidentiality, except in specific situations where there is a risk of harm to self or others. Clients’ privacy and trust are paramount in counseling.

How do I make an appointment/see a counselor?

You can make an appointment with a counselor by contacting them directly via phone or email. Many therapists have websites where you can find their contact information and sometimes even book appointments online. You can also ask for recommendations from your doctor or search online directories for therapists in your area.

Are there counselors who specialize in specific areas?

Yes, counselors often specialize in specific areas such as anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, etc. Finding a counselor who specializes in the area you’re seeking help with can lead to more effective and targeted treatment. You can inquire about a therapist’s specialties when reaching out for an appointment.

What type of insurance is accepted?

Many counselors accept various types of insurance, including private health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and employee assistance programs (EAP). However, coverage and accepted insurance plans vary among therapists, so it’s essential to verify insurance acceptance before scheduling an appointment.

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