Drug Abuse Prevention

Motivation is key to success. We work closely with the individual to help them overcome their addiction so they can live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Trauma Resolutions

Sometimes, our experiences can have a profound impact on our lives. It can cause an individual to have a negative perception about things which will result in an imbalance in their daily lives. We will provide a safe and accepting environment that will help you develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

Emotionally Distressed

Empowering adults to overcome their personal obstacles, and recognize their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to create a balanced life; is our ultimate goal. We will explore your thoughts and feelings in order to have a greater understanding of yourself.

Healthy Lifestyles

Life can be hard. We are often faced with obstacles that can become overwhelming and often times are difficult to work through.  We are here to help individuals identify their strengths and abilities to overcome life’s challenges become the best version of themselves.

Assessment Consultation

We utilize assessment tools and a blend of counseling theories, techniques, and skills to assess the individual’s needs.  Once the problems have been identified, we will work together to develop approaches that work to solve or manage the challenges.

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